Vardhman Tube


pankaj new


Having a formidable industry experience of more than 15 years, He has played an instrumental role in steering VTM towards sustained operational excellence. After garnering rich and varied industrial experience across Asia, He is now Head of Operations for the Pipes and tube manufacturing division.
rajmal new


Shri Rajmal Jain is the promoter and founder of Vardhman Tube Mill. Earlier he laid the foundation with its incorporation in 1982. Under his leadership, the entity has grown from a producer of basic Stainless steel products to providing State of art manufacturing of stainless steel products. Known for his technical proficiency and intimate knowledge of customers and markets, Mr. Rajmal Jain is a pioneer in the steel industry, his focus has not only been on producing world-class stainless-steel products, but also on promoting the use of such products.
babulal new


Having an Experience of over 40 years in the Metal and Stainless Steel Industry, Shri Babulal Jain is the advisor to the board of Vardhman Tube Mill. With his unmatched leadership and strong business acumen, the Company has achieved new milestones year after year on a consistent basis and expanded its presence and built stakeholder’s Value.
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Mr Yogesh Jain is currently Head of Sales – North-West India region on the Board of the Company having rich experience in the field of sales, marketing and financial markets. He is a C.F.A by profession. His strong management skills and ability to nurture talents and zeal for efficiency have resulted in sustainable growth and the Company’s global footprints. He held various challenging assignments pan India and in all operational streams including in-charge positions at different levels. The Company under his leadership has achieved new milestones every year on a consistent basis and built stakeholder’s Value.
shailesh jain


Mr Shailesh Jain is currently heading the South-East India Region at Vardhman Tube Mill, Mr Shailesh Jain is a commerce graduate and holds a Masters Degree in Business & Finance, He has an overall experience of 10 years in the ferrous and steel industry. He started his career by joining the marketing unit of Vardhman and eventually went on to head the company’s sales & marketing division. His thorough understanding of the industry helped position the company more robustly and concretely in the ultra-competitive marketplace. He is responsible for increasing productivity, reducing cost, enhancing profitability, and managing strong relationships with the stakeholders.
nilesh jain


Mr. Nilesh Jain is an engineer by profession. Mr. Nilesh joined Vardhman Tube as Head of Engineering & Production in 2017 and grew up with the Corporation since then. Working across the length and breadth of the country has added immensely to his experience and honed his understanding of the demographics of the country, socio-economic needs of different regions, and multicultural challenges in the implementation of Corporate’s objectives. He stabilized the operations of the company and made the production more sustainable and efficient.
hitesh jain


Mr. Hitesh Jain joined the Board of Vardhman Tube Mills of the Company on 01st April 2019. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and pursuing law, having extensive experience in investment / acquisition advisory services, valuations and decision analysis, business and financial restructuring, dispute analysis and forensics. Currently he handles the finance and legal aspect of the business. He has been a committee member of Arnaiya Foundation and Toastmaster club.