Vardhman Tube


Our Quality Policy:

At Vardhman Mill Tubes Quality is a fundamental part of everything we do. It is vital to our company’s growth and our survival and profitability in the long run. We are committed to ensuring that adequate resources are made available to accomplish this within the organization. We also endeavour to ensure that quality is the priority of all members of the organization by way of communication, involvement, practical example and training.

Through our good leadership and encouragement, all the employees will have a proper understanding of the value of the Quality System, their duty to contribute to its efficiency, and its direct relation to the performance of the Company.

Our Quality Policy focuses on continual improvement which is measurable in the effectiveness of our business and its management and operating systems.

We provide a safe work environment for our employees at all times and provide training to employees to promote Continual Improvement. We are committed to empowering our employees to use their skills and talents to achieve the quality policy and business plan objectives.

We review our management system on a continual basis for its robustness and integrity and set and review performance objectives to meet our company goals.

quality policy